Written about -appeal by Society of Saint Vincent de Paul Cork Annual Xmas Drawing 1948

Earnestly fervently thus they plead
And succour seek for those in need
A plaintive call, each to assist
The poor and lowly within their midst
A little given may mean so much
This little given unto the Lord
In the eyes of Heaven, merits meet reward
The pangs of hunger thus to allay
In the giving heart, when skies are grey
Cast o'er its course one ray of light
And make the pathway seem ever bright
That the soul may never yield to despair
But, always feel that He is near
Thus be ever mindful of God's own poor
Who daily pass and re-pass our door
"They are always with us" has He not said
And so they plead for their daily bread
Thus we may know they are in His care
And of our bounty a little share
With the poor and needy among our kin
Knowing that charity covers hosts of sins.

Denis J Foley.
Glounecomane. . . . . .