In Memory of Mr James Gilhooly, M.P.

 Join all ye sons of Erin's Isle within her emerald shore'
And mourn the loss of a true Gael, who's now alas! no more'
Mong the heroes of the Motherland who strove to set her free,
Engraven on the scroll of fame, his name shall ever be'
Scion true of Celtic blood, he was a patriot true,
Great was his love and zeal forthee sweet gleen robed "Roseen Dubh"
In dark bye-gone days he struggled hard against the-tyrant foe'
Loyally he dared a true man's share, no cowardice did he show'
High - minded, with courage bold, he even played his part'
Of dauntless soul possess;d, kind, honest, faithful heart'
Oh! Saviour just, grant him sweet rest within thy home on high'
Let Heavenly Bliss his portion be forever to enjoy'
Yea! may it Le his rewwd-aplace without allay'

Denis J. Foley,