Lines in memory of Thomas Ashe

'Mongst Erins noble martyr's sons,
Forever ranks his name;
Emblazoned bright, a shining light,
Upon the scroll of fame.
In manhood's bloom a victim doom'd.
To England's vengeance lash;
And cruel hate-oh! sad his fate,
The gentle Thomas Ashe.

The tortures of the dungeon cell,
Did not his courage break;
'Fore the dire pangs of hunger
His dauntless heart ne'er quaked
"They've branded me a criminal
I'll suffer to the last.
To perish'd there for Erin's sake,
The noble Thomas Ashe.

He bore it all for his dear land,
A hero true he died;
And through all time will Irishmen
Remember him with pride.
His tortured soul shall e'er instil,
In Irish hearts a flash
Of deep, unquenching burning love
For the gentle Thomas Ashe.

May the green sod of mother earth,
Lay lightly on his breast;
He takes his long last silent sleep,
With her bravest and her best.
May his noble spirit in peace abide,
'Till Michael's trumpet clash
Resounds-'ere the judgment hour is nigh_
The pure soul'd Thomas Ashe.

Denis J Foley,
October-23rd. - l9l7.