Freemount is a small village located in the north east of the barony of Duhallow in Co. Cork and is one of three parts forming the Catholic united parishes of Milford, Tullylease and Freemount.

The gaelic translation of Freemount is 'Cnoc an TeampaiN' (Hill of the Church) and is derived from a church site located on a 700ft high hill overlooking the village. This site (on Curtains farm) contains a fort called Cillin Chronain (the small church of Chronain) Eight mounds mark the remainder of the site which dates from the X century which was inhabited by the saint Chronain.

It is recorded that at one time Freemount was also known as 'Malowry' (Plain of the elves) but there is little recollection of this in folk memory. The modern name 'Freemount' is believed to have derived in later years from the land agent John Freeman of Castlecor house, a townland situated six miles from Freemount. No translation of any Irish place name can be directly associated with the name.

What we now know as Freemount Parish is made up mostly of the old civil parish of Knocktemple which is reflected not only in the Irish name for Freemount "Cnoc an Teampaill' but also in the electoral division, Knocktemple. With Allow it still makes up one of two electoral divisions in Freemount and stretches from Knocknamuck in Freemount village right over to Sunfort in Liscarroll.

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