The War of Independence in Freemount

In 1917 a company of the Irish Volunteers was formed in Freemount.
As the company were in the Newmarket battalion area, they later
‘B Company, Newmarket Batallion, Cork No.4 Brigade’.

In 1918 Sean Noonan a creamery manager in Freemount was
arrested along with Paddy McCarthy, a native of Meelin who resided
with his cousins, the Fitzpatricks of Commons. They were charged
with possession of fire arms and both were sentenced to terms of
imprisonment in Belfast Jail.
McCarthy was deported to Manchester prison from which he made a
daring escape with Austin Stack of Tralee and four others. He then
became a member of the Brigade Flying column and took part in the
capture of Mallow Military Barracks, he was killed in a fight with the
Black & Tans in Millstreet on November 22~ 1920.

Sean Noonan later became Commandant of the 2’~ Batallion,

The local company burned the police barracks in Freemount on April
3rd 1921 which was staffed by a Sergeant and two constables at the

Freemount Company took part in ambushes and smaller
engagements against the Black and Tans in Clanbannin,
Ballydrochaere and Rathcoole. They destroyed bridges to prevent
movement of the Black and Tans at
Freemount bridge & John’s bridge over the river Allow, Malachie’s
bridge on the Knockough/Milford road, Cromogue bridge on the
Freemount Dromina road, Matt Fitzpatrick’s bridge on the Knawhill
road and Ryan’s bridge on the Glenfield/Liscarrolt road.

Road trenches were dug to further frustrate the movement of the
Black and Tans on in the locality, stretching from fence to fence
roughly four feet deep.
Material dug from the trenches was carted away to prevent the
trenches being refilled by local forced labour.

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