Allow Rovers Hurling Team in 1953

Allow Rovers Hurling Team in 1953
Sitting (L to R) Dan Madden R.I.P and Dan Crowley R.I.P
Seated (L to R) Markie Noonan R.I.P, Sean Noonan R.I.P,  Jack Donegan R.I.P,  Jer  Scully R.I.P Pat Noonan R.I.P,  Mick Egan R.I.P,  Jackie Murphy R.I.P, Nick Mullane R.I.P,  Mick Madden, 
Back (L to R) Luke Morton R.I.P, Danny Scully R.I.P,  Jack Sullivan R.I.P, Denis O Sullivan R.I.P  Joe Scully, Mick Hartigan R.I.P, Ben Cronin, Dan Hannigan R.I.P and Dan Cronin R.I.P 
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