Mr Michael O Connor B. Arg.S. of Dromalour Kanturk

 who was drowned at Clonakilty June 1949

O'er the Old Court there hangs a gloom

And o'er its woodlands gay
This glorious day in breathless June
As Sol shed its glorious ray
For one it knew, by cruel Death
Was snatched from earth away
And in the noon of manhood's bloom
The great debt had to pay

No more to tread the emerald sod
Of his own his well loved land
Or gaze upon rising hills
That round about doth stand
'Tis sad indeed depressing thought
For mortal hearts to bear
But such are the dire necessitudes
That visit us poor creatures here.

O cruel treacherous ocean false
Remorseless and unkind
To unrelenting doom-too soon-
His warm heart is consigned
A loving part thus is bereft
And kind friends mourn with anguish sore
But God the Just, had it so willed
To call him to the higher shore.

Now as the years pass swiftly on
Through life's weary sad sojourn
Fond hearts will think of this cheery soul
Who is gone beyond the Bourne
And a thought will rise of his sunny smile
And the heart that was purest gold
And they feel 'tis best, now his spirit rest
In the mansions of the Bliss untold.

Denis J Foley,