Lines in Memory of T--k---

( Published Weekley Examiner 1918 )

O'er Liscarroll town of high renown there hangs a heavy pall,
With sorrow deep each heart is sore beside the grand "Old Walls"
They mourn in doleful silence for one who's passed away;
The gentle Thomas K-------- now mouldering in the clay.

Mavrone! In manhood's bloom and pride, he the debt of Nature paid,
The dreaded summons to him came-it could not be delayed;
Resigned unto his holy will his noble spirit fled,
To join the Heavenly choir in the bright dome overhead.

A sterling son of Innisfail he laboured for her weal,
With heroic patriotic mind, and honest, fervent zeal;
While the powers that be did him pursue with fiendish energy,
But sweeter far was death to him than a craven coward to be.

But now the struggle's ove€r his race of life is run,
For his it matters little since his crown of glory's won;
With Pearse and bold McDonagh and gentle Plunkett true,
Tom Ashe and Richard Coleman who died for Grauna too.

With those faithful, dauntless spirits he co-mingles now on high,
In realms of Bliss celestial in spheres beyond the sky;
Blest Freedom was their watchword-for freedom sweet they died,
Ah! long will honest Irishmen on their bravery dwell with pride.

And never by the fam'd Old Walls will the sweet memory fade,
Of this bold and pure-soul'd patriot who lies beneath the shade;
In the quiet lonely cemetery where he takes his silent rest!
May the green sod of his Motherland lay lightly on his breast.

( Note-Having sent the foregoing to "Old Moores Almanac" as an Elegiac Charade, I added the
following the solution to which is- "Springfield" ( Spring in field ) ( Unpublished )
Soon may the land he fought for emerge unto the light,
Of liberty's morn dazzling in glory and in might;
My first is found within my last the parts together bound,
Will name where sleeps this patriot 'till Michael's trumpet sounds

Denis J. Foley,