How Oft has the Banshee Cried

How oft has the Banshee cried?
How oft has her mournful caione
Rung thro' the glades and echoed in the vales
Of Erin's Isle of Green.
For its told in the annals of Eire's land,
She bewails the warrior's brave;
Who fell in the fray ere the close of day
Or perished beyond the wave.

When some chieftain's spirit was 'bout to flee
To the bright Celestial Bourne,
The Banshee bemoans his passing
And sadly for him doth mourn.
Then her piercing wail resounds in the gale
Her warning grim -- of death
Yea! a scion true of the Celtic race
Will ne'er more his sword un-sheath.

When misfortune dire o'er-spread our Isle
Is heard too, her sad, lone wail,
She bemoans the lot of her noble sons
And the fate of Granuale
That this lovely land should in thraldom lie
The fairest, the brightest gem:
That rose o'er the waters shimmering wave-
A precious, rare diadem... ..

O Fate! how long 'bove our suffering Isle,
Shall hang the heavy pall,
Of disappointment and unrest,
Which holds this land in thrall.
Shall this dear Isle once happy - free
Ne'er more know bliss or peace,
Shall Irish men as foes remain
And rancour never cease?.

Ah! no a just Heaven will yet award,
A generous portion meet,
Of happiness, prosperity and peacefulness,
And freedom - oh! so sweet.
Then Eire's long night of suffering's o'er
O fair! lovely Innisfail,
Never more in warning of misery or woe,
Will echo the lonely Banshee's wail

Denis J Foley,