Freemount National School

The first school house built in Freemount was in 1831 and was a
thatched building in Knocknamuck. The first teacher employed there
was Patrick Fitzpatrick and the Parish priest controlled the school

At that time there were very few sources of income for the running of
the school, the principal source being the parents but only a few
families could afford to contribute to the running of the school.

School hours varied depending on the time of year, During Summer
and autumn school began at 8am and finished at 8pm, during winter
and spring it began at 9am and finished at 5pm. Reading, writing,
arithmetic, book keeping and grammar were taught with religious
education after school on Saturdays

Weekly rolls began to be keQt in 1834 when an application of aid was
made for the school by the ocai curate. Aid was granted and the
school was officially recognized with a lease being granted till 1852.

By 1836 there were a combined total of 225 pupils on the rolls. At this
time the school was located on the site of the old Muintir Na Tire Hall,
which was located on the Chapel Hill.

From 1853 education was provided in a new building divided into two
rooms, the girl’s school at one end and the boys at the other.

Conditions in the school towards the latter part of the century were
extremely poor.

In 1906 the school house was accidentally burned, an investigation
ensued and temporary schools were set up while the school building
was rebuilt, The temporary girls school was in the middle of the
village. it was roofed with iron and contained a fireplace.
The temporary boys school was set up in a building in Barry’s
Farmyard. The children endured extreme cold and discomfort in these
temporary buildings.

Eventually, after two years deliberation, a grant was secured for the
rebuilding of the school by the office of Public Works, which was built
in 1908.
Many repairs were carried out on the new schoolhouse in the early
part of the 20th century. which meant the school was in good repair
for years to come.

In 1942 Freemount School became co-educat~onal or mixed. Up till
this there had been two principais ~ut rom this time on. just one
headmaster presided over the entre schooL

Over the years, the school deteriorated and eventually after much
local canvassing, a new school was built in Freemount in 1983. This
was built on land secured behind the ‘Old’ school and was formally
opened by Minister Donald Creed TD.

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