The Harvest Fair Liscarroll

Though fairs there are many all over the land
Where the pride of their owners some fine cattle stand'
In the famed Golden Vein or the plains of Royal Meath
They, are shown in their glory-magnificent beasts'
Here the critics are pleased with their colour and shape
And highly elated at the purchase they make
Yet of all tis the foremost-from Rathlin to Duhallow-
Long recorded as such - the Harvest Fair at Liscarroll'

You have cattle here on view-unequalled in the land
From Ballyhoura's nestling vales and shandrum's pastures grand
From banks of the Deel and the Awbeg where luscious pastures grow
And from curraghs fair and fertile slopes rvhere Allou's water flow,
They are driven here in numbers as the glorious dawn appears
For this is the day that comes but once in the slow round of the year'
Aye 'tis indeed u happy scene without tumult, riot, or quarrel'
'Tho oft the "shillelagtt" waved aloft at The Harvest Fair Liscarroll'

And buyers are here in numbers from all the counties'"down"
Roscommon and Tipperary and Kilmallock's ancient town
From Dublin too" they come and from the Coalquay
While Galway's honest rugged sons are represented there.
The Mallow men came here for beef they're sure to have the best
Compared with any to be found, I'm sure 'twould stand the test,
There's men from Drum. And Abbyfeale and Meath sends an O'Farrell
They will not miss such a chance as this The Harvest Fair Liscarroll'

And beneath the shattered battlements of a castle old and grey
A goodly crowd will assemble on this auspicious day-
The men of Rebel Cork in several hundreds strong
Intermixed with the men of Limerick's Vales to augment the throng'
And all around good will abounds and the very best of cheer
And friend meet friend-who have not met since this event last year
And when neighbours help to strike a dale a "dhuckodoorish' follows
To rouse the gladdening 'spirits more at The Harvest Fair Liscarroll'

And when the fair's conciuded each and all will homeward go
In peace with all the humankind in measured steps and slow'
As they sit within their low-backed cars for they surely need a rest
For the-v,ve been journeying here since break of day'from North,south'
East and West'
Some may call to see a friend, within his snug abode
And partake of lrish hospitality ere he again takes to the road,
A1l leave behind the little town its peaceful ways to follow
And soon becomes a memory-The Harvest Fair at Liscarroll'