Dan Brennan's Memoirs

My first memories while standing in our yard in
Glounicomane is of seeing a funeral on its way I
presume to Clonfert cemetery, the hearse was
pulled by two dark coloured horses with two men
on a seat at the front of the hearse, that memory
is still vivid with me. I remember going to the
point to point races in Liscarroll the stand field
was in Broderick's of Rockspring, the old motor
cars were parked on the roadside many of them
had canvas hoods, these events took place in my
preschool days. On my first day at school I went
with my brother Jim, Connie Goulding and Timmy
Twohill waited for us at Walshe's Cross. I
remember very little of my school days, when
preparing for first holy communion Mrs Minnie
Donegan would take us for catechism down at her
home in the village, she used to call me Dan
Kenneally after my mother's family, who at one
time were her neighbours she used to wear her
spectacles on her forehead. We used to have
hurling matches during our playtime in Simon
Browne's field where Tadgh Flynn house is also in
John Broderick's across from the community
hurl up and down the village street as there was
very little traffic at that time. Another game
played was Stag lively young fellows would take
off through the fields we would give him odds,
then we would try to catch him Davie Lane from
Knockough was our favourite Stag, we rarely
caught up with him Kenneally always got back to
the school ahead of us. On our way home after
school we would call to the creamery and stand at
the doors watching the cheese and butter being
manufactured by Billy Ryan and William Collins
with John Kenny to help them were the butter
makers. Miss Neilgan was the first Cheese maker,
I can remember she left to become a nun. Kate
McCabe from County monoghaff, End Kitty O

Freemount Carnival

Freemount  Carnival

 John Noonan, (Chairman) PJ O Sullivan, (hon.Sec) and Richard Greene (P.R.O)

Playing the fife in Freemount 1823

Playing the fife in Freemount 1823

 On the 19th of September 1823 a special Court was held in Mallow. Among the prisioners was Denis Sheehan who lived about half a mile from Freemount. On the night of September 15th  Denis Sheehan was arrested for was walking threw the fields playing the fife.

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