Freemount Co-op's 100th Anniversary

The Doors of Freemount community hall were thrown open on Saturday night last as hundreds of local people accepted an invitation to celebrate the centenary of Freemount dairy society which was founded in 1890. It was a night of nostalgia as committee chairman Sean Fitzpatrick traced the history of the co-op from its inception in 1890 to the 1940’s recalling such milestones as the building of branch creameries in Knockscovane and Johnsbridge; the installation of the first telephone in 1920 and the coming on stream of the new gas engine also in 1920. Then the story was written by William J. with the period from the forties to the seventies and the amalgamation with Golden Vale in Charleville. He recalled the mechanisation which was introduced to the farmers of the locality by the then manager, Tim Noonan, such as the reaper and binder and two threshers, a Garvey and a Marshall. Micheal O Callaghan spoke of the role of Freemount within the framework of Golden Vale and through he lamented the closure of the local branch he said that hope for the future development of the area should flow from the centenary celebrations. The pages of history unfolded as the speakers recalled the family names and events closely associated with the foundation and development of Freemount Dairy Society as one of the leading co-op which prospered to the benefit of the whole community over the years. The workers in the co-op were recalled with affection and there was a resounding round of applause as they were presented with a commemorative scroll to mark the occasion. The descendants of the founding fathers of the co-op were also acclaimed as the y accepted their scrolls which acknowledged the role their ancestors had played in establishing the co-op and shaping the future of the dairy industry in the locality.

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